Essay verb antonym

For free (links on the same site). You need to know memorize the correct usage- case to case basis. Take sb at his word, take sb at her word (believe sb is

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Essay of service learning

Can you write under time constraints? We really mean what we say. We guarantee all students that they will receive top essay writing service that has been written from scratch and is

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Term papers organizational behavior concepts

It means that all people are unique and have their own individual traits. You will see employees dressed in three-piece business suits, as well as people walking around in torn-up jeans and

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Pollution essay for students

pollution essay for students

India. Our environment acts as a natural world for us and provides a protection to us from the natural calamities. Advertisements: Automobiles are the single largest source of oxides of sulphur which is cause of air pollution. However, we all forget our responsibility and busy in our daily routine and competitions to just fulfill our needs in anyways. Just imagine, only decreasing number of plants may cause such a big problem which is not our only mistake. Plastic waste should be collected from every house, office, hospitals etc and separated based on its quality or color and then recycled by the units authorized by the government.

It is very important to segregate plastic waste (house hold items or medical supplies) from other garbage so that it reaches to the waste disposal facility rather than going to the landfills or water bodies. It affects the ordinary living of the living things on this planet by disturbing the natural life cycle.

Everything that we use, such as buckets, bottles, brushes; disposable syringes, medical equipments etc are rubin carter guilty essay largely made of plastic. Earth is considered as the only planet suitable for the life existence in the whole universe. Thus the increasing level of this gas in the environment causes global warming (increased climate temperature due to emissions of greenhouse gases) which in turn causes lots of problems and brings environmental and social changes in direct and indirect ways. If it is not taken under control, it may affect the whole universe to a great extent in the future. 3) Effect on the Marine Life. As is evident from the above facts and figures, environment pollution takes place in many forms like Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution and industrial accidents. Contamination of the natural environment gives birth to the lots of diseases which make human beings weak mentally and physically. The pollutants or elements of pollution are foreign substances or waste materials created by the human beings and pollute the natural resources like air, water or soil etc. Every year thousands of sea turtles, whales and other marine animals get trapped in abandoned fishing nets and die prematurely.

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