Medical science technology essay

It is important to note that before US dropped the bomb on the Japanese, the latter had bombed Pearl Harbour, occasioning great harm to the Americans. As such, Galilei Galileos findings were

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All about my life essay introduction

Most of my family was happy for me, but some of them were a little doubtful that I would stop the nonsense I had gotten myself into. We were living off

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V for vendetta dystopia essay

He has written more than two hundred stories in thirteen years. Also interesting is the comparison between the two main protagonist from V and 1984. The old men of the chorus in

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Short essay on water sanitation

short essay on water sanitation

sewer overflows or sanitary sewer overflows,.e. According to usaid, there is an urgent need to safeguard and protect water resources to ensure the wellbeing of people as well as the environment across the globe. This has a negative impact on the national economy of a nation, thus slowing the rate of development. In addition, lack of clean drinking water and sanitation has adverse effects on poor farmers as well as wage earners. According to WHO (World Health Organization about.3 of all deaths experienced in the globe are caused by limited access to clean drinking water, proper sanitation and hygiene services and water management practices, which are vital in reducing the spread of waterborne diseases (World Health. Furthermore, water can be treated in order to eliminate bacteria that are found in tainted water.

According to statistics, many people across the childhood asthma research paper globe have limited access to clean drinking water and clean water for other domestic uses. Examples are the use of pit latrines, septic tanks, and imhoff tanks. The standard sanitation technology in urban areas is the collection of wastewater in sewers, its treatment in wastewater treatment plants for reuse or disposal in rivers, lakes or the sea. Through a push for more funding allocation and better policy design, tangible health benefits could be realized. Even if the original source of the water is safe, the water is frequently contaminated by unhygienic conditions and practices in the home. One billion people do not use a toilet at all. In their paper Hygiene, Sanitation and Water: Forgotten Foundations of Health, published in 2010, Bartram and Cairncross conclude that the active involvement of health professionals in hygiene, sanitation and water supply is crucial to accelerating and consolidating progress for health. In cases where toilets exist, it is important that they hygienically separate human excreta from human contact. Proper access to drinking water and sanitation has attracted more attention because it has become a major threat to the lives of many people globally.

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